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Mehmet Çakır embarked on a long and successful journey in the construction industry in 1986, reaching its pinnacle by establishing Çakır Construction contracting firm in 2000. Since then, Çakır Construction has been recognized for its innovative and reliable approach in the industry. He channeled his expertise and experience in the construction sector into Çakır Construction Import Export Industry and Trade Limited Company, established in 2007.

Çakır Construction specializes in a wide range of construction projects, from infrastructure to superstructure, industrial projects to residential constructions, and tourism facilities. Our services encompass various stages of construction, including feasibility engineering, construction contracting, architecture, strengthening, and detailed construction applications, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Our Fields of Activity

Çakır Construction continues its activities with 36 years of experience in various fields such as hospital projects, sports complexes, private projects, mass housing projects, hotel projects, and official institution projects.


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